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Fix-It Fletcher

Repair & Renovation


We fix brick (and other stuff), educating on best methods, materials, and maintenance options for all ages of masonry.

Our FREE estimates include an onsite review and consultation as well as a digitally accessible quote with applicable photo documentation.

Frequent Project Types


Weathered & Worn: CHIMNEYS

The mountainous, sub-humid climate of Salt Lake City sees both extremes of the temperature spectrum throughout the yearly seasons, and with the Lake Effect and regular snow accumulation throughout the winter months, there in high occurance of freeze/thaw cycles wreaking havoc upon the exposed sections of your home's facade, especially the masonry chimneys.


Secure & Stately:

With identity theft continuing to rise, the necessity to protect your personal information is paramount,
including any documentation that occasionally still comes via the US Postal Service. One precaution that can be taken is to install a security mailbox. These key accessed enclosures can be veneered to dress up their appearance and coordinate with the home.


Porches & Patios:

Whether it's decorative garden borders or accented stair treads, flatwork - brick pavers & flag stone - can add color and texture to your place of residence, giving your cozy corner or street view more appeal...and value!


Flashy Facades:

Does your old fireplace need a facelift? While many now sit unused do to environmental concerns, they are often still the focal point of the room. Updating their material & style will automatically add value to your home!


Other common projects we encounter are:

  • Mortar joint Tuckpointing 

  • Planter Box Rebuilds

  • Outdoor Fire pits

  • Foundation Stucco Repair

  • Interior walls

  • Monument signage